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Mindful Parenting and why it can help you at home.

Mindful parenting is a particular way that you pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings before when you are dealing with your children. We all blow up from time to time, so do our kids, but having a mindfulness practice can help you better understand what your experiencing before you freak out with your kids. It's a method that helps you to respond instead of reacting to situations. But it is a practice, and there are tools that you build upon to become calmer more often. Mindfulness helps parents to attune to their kids which creates healthy attachments.

This is a great article from the Gottman Institute about Mindful Parenting.

Did you know that I teach several courses for parents?

Self-Compassion for kids and their caregivers (kids 7-11 and their caregiver learn together)

Finding Calm - for parents and caregivers

Mindful Communication - How to communicate to connect

Take a peek at my offerings to learn more or contact me at

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