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Winter Scenery

Guided Meditations

Outdoor Sensory Meditation


Summer is a time when the days start earlier and the outdoors are more available to enjoy.  Start your day with this 10 minute Summer Outdoor Meditation.  With this one, if you can, prepare to be outdoors or sitting looking out a window, keep your eyes open, and enjoy the senses of your surroundings.  


I'd love to hear how this meditation was for you.


Many Blessings!

Outdoor sensory meditationLinette Bixby
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How to connect to your breath to help support you in meditation

12-minute meditation.

This meditation is to support you in getting focused and calm while focusing on your breath.  You will settle in and breathe - staying focused on your breath so support you and hold you while the world is still happening around you.  Enjoy this calming meditation.


I'd love to hear how this meditation was for you.


Many Blessings!

Breath as an Anchor of Attention 15 -mintutesLinette Bixby
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Simple breath Meditation

Sometimes you need just a few minutes to rest and regulate your nervous system. We don't all have hours to meditate, but we can make time for just 7 minutes. You can do this meditation on a work break, lunch break, or when you just need a few minutes to recharge.

Notice how you feel after just 7-minutes? What do you notice?

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