Mindfulness is "Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally, to the unfolding of experience moment by moment" - John Kabat-Zinn

Our world is changing everyday - every hour. For many, we have been forced to slow down. Our stress and worry levels are up, anxiety is rising, and depression can easily fall upon us.

We have no way to plan our future right now.

Mindfulness can help us live in the moment.

Mindfulness can help us notice the beauty around us.

Mindfulness teaches us to better to know ourselves, our thoughts, our bodies, and our mode of living.

Mindfulness teaches us how to reduce stress, stabilize our emotions, and become more resilient human beings

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Meet Linette

Hi! My name is Linette and this is me and my family. I started Mindful Paths in 2016 and named my business what I did because I feel like each person has their own path when starting or continuing on the journey of mindfulness and self-compassion. Each person on the path will take its own form and in its own time.

It was after I took my first class in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion that I knew this was the life path for me. Not only has the practice transformed my life, it's created a space for me to give back to the world in a meaningful way.


Living a more Mindful and Self-Compassionate life has offered me new ways of living and I've seen the direct impact on those that I have taught and coached.  I look forward to all of the adventures and opportunities that come my way on this Mindful and Self-Compassionate journey with you. 

 I have a Washington State Teachers Certification and am a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and am a Trained Mindful Self -Compassion through UC San Diego School of Medicine and Center For Mindful Self-Compassion. I’m also an instructor in Mindful Based Stress Reduction program through UCSD Center for Mindfulness.


I am a teacher, trainer, facilitator, and public speaker and I’ve just finished writing my frist book “Mindfulness for Teens Workbook” which should be on the bookshelves in August 2020.

Additional Training In:

  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Professional

  • Non-Violent Communications/ Mindful Communications

  • Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Stressed Teens / Mindful Based Stress Reduction

  • SEL For the Everyday Leader


“Linette is so passionate about helping others use mindfulness in their lives that the genuineness of her teaching pours out in her lessons naturally. Every time I get a lesson from her I learn something new. Her balance of her own mindfulness practice and caring for others is perfect to teach this type of work.”

- Coquille, School Counselor


Linette Bixby

Certified Mindful School Facilitator
Mindful-Self Compassion Trained Teacher
MBSR Trained Facilitator
Finding Calm for Parents Facilitator

Mindful Paths LLC

Lake Forest Park, WA

United States         

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