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Finding A Path Forward in 2021

"The best cure for the body is a quiet mind." Napoleon Bonaparte

Finding A Path Forward in 2021 How can it be that our world continues to be so tumultuous? We hoped and believed that 2021 would feel fresh, new, and calm. Although there seems to be a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel, too many of us, all other routes forward still feel sadly dark and ominous. It is critical that we continue to maintain physical and mental health so that we can provide support to our families, friends, neighbors, and communities,

and ourselves. Here are two simple things to do for your mental health right now. Start by simply asking yourself, “What do I need right now?” Wait a moment to see what your mind conjures up. Ask yourself this question throughout the day. Perhaps at breakfast ask what your body needs or mid-day what would support your system. The answer could be physical or mental; a snack or a quiet minute to look out the window. If you find yourself immersed in the news or social media and feel your anxiety rising, ask yourself “what is best for me right now?” Perhaps the answer is to take a break and play a game, listen to music, take a walk or lie on the floor to stretch. Acknowledging your feelings can be as simple as thinking, “I understand I am worrying. I hear that worry within myself. Thank you to my feelings for trying to protect me.” Rick Hansen, PH.D has referenced this practice as “Name it to Tame it” and “Feel it to Heal it”. By invoking this practice, overwhelming emotions lose their power. Our mental health requires brain breaks from the worry and the “what-ifs?”. Along with the practice of asking yourself regularly what your body and mind need in that current moment, meditation can support in regulating the nervous system by allowing the brain to stop and slow the mental chatter. Meditation allows us to get in touch with our feelings, not to change them, but to acknowledge them with kindness and tenderness. Meditation requires nothing more than a willingness to try. No tools or equipment necessary. If you are apprehensive or just need a private moment with a guided start, click the link below to my easy, twelve-minute, self-guided meditation lesson. Right now I am acknowledging that myself and perhaps you are anxious and troubled. I am here to help you through discourse and meditation and guide you to an easier frame of mind. My free Tuesday meditation is open to all and I am now offering affordable group meditations customized for up to five persons by appointment. A list of my services is below or visit my website for discussions on mindfulness, meditation and healing. With a big heart, Linette

Twelve Minute Meditation Click Here

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