Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are designed to help bring more Mindfulness into your personal life which leads to more Mindfulness to your parenting style.  Classes focus on personal practice as well as training you on how to be more attuned to the inner life and brain development of your child/children.

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Group Classes

Group classes are designed for 4 or more parents.  Classes can be organized in a series or as a one time workshop.  Topics and discussions can be geared around the aspects of Mindfulness in which parents are most interested.  Contact me for more information or inquiries.

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Mindful Family

Are you interested in becoming a more mindful family?  This course is intended for families who want to bring more Mindfulness into their home.  The focus is on what Mindfulness is and how to integrate it into the daily activities of home life.  We learn how to become better listeners, how to better communicate, how to manage daily activities in a more peaceful and mindful way.