Mindfulness for Teens


Mindfulness for Teens

This 8 week evidenced-based MBSR approach uses language, references, and stories relevant to adolescents to help teens shift their perspective and become more aware of their intentions, attention, and attitudes.  This program will help them better manage the stresses that so many adolescents feel in todays world of pressures, expectations, social media, and the list goes on.  Through this Mindfulness training practice, teens will learn how to intentionally pay attention with acceptance and openness to experience a shift in daily life perspective.

Found benefits of this program include, but not in totality:

  • Decreases in depression, anxiety, panic, self destructive behaviors.

  • Reduction in headaches, pain, insomnia.

  • Increased mental awareness, improved life outlook, self compassion and empathy.

  • Better focus and attention and improved emotional regulation.


Mindfulness for Teens: Group Facilitation

This program is designed for groups of teens/adolescents.  Whether  you are a school administrator that would like to implement this program on school campus or an adolescent group leader who would like to help the youth you work with manage stress - group programs can provide a wealth of understanding and compassion for each student and can provide support for one another.  

We meet once per week for about an hour and students have a week to practice the Mindfulness exercises. Weekly check-ins via email with individual students as well as a weekly Newsletter.

The 8 week program is $350 per student. 
If you would like to host a program in your organization, group discounts apply.