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6-week online program


$250 per person


For parents, caregivers of kids, teachers

Interactive, group discussions, teachings, weekly brief home assignments, and practices

No previous experience required

Strengthening bonds through the path of self-kindness

Join a community of like-minded parents who aspire to be the best parents they can be and are willing to embark on the parenting journey with an open mind, curiosity, and willingness to explore.

  • Mindful based skills to help reduce stress and encourage balance

  • An environment to discover your own inner wisdom

  • Skilled professionals & mindfully trained facilitators

  • Parent & child self-awareness with a focus on self-regulation, self-compassion, and parent and child emotional development

  • Emphasis on the importance of parent/child attachment

  • Parental confidence and empowerment



  • To appreciate your own parenting journey as they nurture your innate internal wisdom.

  • To realize the impact and importance of being present and practicing Self-Compassion.

  • To learn more about being attuned to your child’s needs and how that fosters secure attachment.

  • To understand and move beyond fears, to embrace the joys of parenthood and transition to the dynamic of an enhanced family.

  • To create an opportunity for deepening the connection with yourself and your child as well as creating relationships with other parents.

  • To understand the importance of listening, staying connected with your partner and modeling intimacy for your child.

  • To learn mindfully self-compassionate tools to add to your self-care toolbox.

  • To find time to deepen your awareness through key readings and reflection exercises.


Our Finding Calm program offers a unique opportunity for parents and caregivers to learn mindful-based skills to help reduce stress, enhance strong bonds, explore mindful self-compassion and encourage balance.

Minimum 8  Maximum 15